Discover Thalex's Trading Fees: Transparent and Fair


The trading fees shown below apply to all contracts* and to both BTC and ETH as the underlying.

LevelSix-month trading volume**Maker (bps)Taker (bps)
1$0 - $50M2.52.5

* 50% fee discount for Futures Rolls & other combinations, if legs are offsetting.

** Level 2 fees (1 bps) will apply after your trading volume has exceeded the >$50 million threshold. If your six-month trading volume falls below $50 million, level 1 fees (2.5 bps) will apply again.

Besides trading fees, Thalex charges the fees as shown below.

Daily settlementFree
Final settlement1 bps
Liquidation5 bps of any liquidation trade
Withdrawal5 USD***

IMPORTANT: All fees are paid in the settlement coin (USDt) so please make sure you have sufficient USDt balance available. Thalex charges a daily penalty of 10 bps on any negative USDt balance.

***Charged approximately 5 USD in the currency you are withdrawing