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The trading fees shown below apply to all contracts* and to both BTC and ETH as the underlying.

LevelSix-month trading volume**Maker (bps)Taker (bps)
1$0 - $50M2.52.5

* 50% fee discount for all combinations & future rolls, if legs are offsetting.

** Level 2 fees (1 bps) will apply after your trading volume has exceeded the >$50 million threshold. If your six-month trading volume falls below $50 million, level 1 fees (2.5 bps) will apply again.

Besides trading fees, Thalex charges the fees as shown below.

Daily settlementFree
Final settlement1 bps of any amount which is settled at expiry
Liquidation5 bps of any liquidation trade
Withdrawal25 USDt

IMPORTANT: All fees are paid in the settlement coin (USDt) so please make sure you have sufficient USDt balance available. Thalex charges a daily penalty of 10 bps on any negative USDt balance.