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$1M MQP is now live! - The program is fully open, with a $100K monthly reward pool for $BTC and $ETH perpetuals, future rolls, and options.

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Reshaping the Crypto Derivatives Industry

Stablecoin-settled contracts with multi-collateral support (BTC, ETH, USDt and USDC).

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Buy and sell with the lowest fees in the industry

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Why Trade At Thalex?

Symmetric fees

Trading fees anchored around 1 bps. Combinations embed fee advantages. Microstructure that encourages showing liquidity.

Portfolio margin

Portfolio-based margin calculation across futures & options, providing capital efficiency for delta or vega offsetting positions.

Linear, stablecoin-settled

P&L is calculated in USD, and settled in USDt. Any position can be collateralized with USDt, USDC, BTC or ETH.

Market maker features

Built by former options market makers, Thalex offers low latency, cancel on disconnect, mass quotes and configurable market maker protection.

Automated delta-hedging

Liquidation process designed to limit market impact with automated delta hedging and liquidation auctions are used to manage complex risks.

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